We are pleased to present www.helpseeker.net - a web portal that aims to make it easier to find help for a range of mental health problems. The web resource is a collection of collections on available help.

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A guide to directories of available help

Helpseeker.net is a unique way to find already available information that is provided by governmental agencies, community health providers, charities, and so on – but which is unfortunately fragmented and spread around at a range of different locations on the web.

The novel contribution from our web resource is that we present directories of available help  in your area – all in one place. 


Search by problem area

Our directory has the following searchable categories of problems:



Seach by type of service

In addition, our directory has the following searchable categories of service types:


  1. Treatment / therapy – includes listings that point to collections such as NHS, Rethink Mental Illness, and a lot more
  2. Online therapy – includes listings that points to collections of available online therapy providers
  3. Support / self-help groups – includes listings of a variety of support offers and self-help groups
  4. Helplines and chats – includes listings of free helplines and chat services available for your area
  5. Online communities / forums – includes listings of a variety of useful forums and online communities specific for a person’s topic of interest


A unique resource for your geographical area

You can find the collection for your geographical area on the following link:



Completely free – driven by a non-profit organization – acclaimed

Best of all, the web portal is completely free for users and service providers. The website is drifted by the non-profit charity company, Hjelp til Hjelp AS, which has nearly ten years of expertise from drifting the similar web portal www.hjelptilhjelp.no. This site is acclaimed in Norway, where it is presented by the national health authority’s official website as a tool for how to find help for mental health problems (see reference here).


Contribute with your knowledge!

Although the resource already presents an extensive collection of available help in your area, we are grateful for all tips that complement the listings for your particular area.


Help spread the word

Now, we sincerely hope that you will find our resource useful, and you will help spreading the word around.

We encourage: 


  1. Share this post on social media
  2. Notice your local governmental agencies, local charities, and health service providers of this web resource 
  3. Add a link to helpseeker.net on your personal blog 


In this way you contribute to making it easier to find help for mental health problems.


Best regards,

Ove Heradstveit

Founder of www.helpseeker.net

PhD. Licensed clinical psychologist, specialist degree in community psychology

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