Avoidant and dependent personality disorder is inherited to a greater extent than previously thought, according to Psyknytt.no. They refer to a new twin study from the National Institute of Public Health, which used data from 8045 young adult twins - both single and twin.

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According to Psyknytt.no, the researchers found that as much as two-thirds of the variation in evasive and dependent personality disorder can be explained by genes. Thus, these results indicate that environmental impact is not as important as previously thought, according to the National Institute of Public Health. 

The environmental effects that mattered were those that were unique to each twin, such as the influence of different friends, teachers, activities, and other life events that affect only one of the twins in a couple.

When talking about heritability, it is important to emphasize that this concept does not say anything about individuals, but about the population as a whole. Heritability is a quantitative measure of how much of the total variation in a trait, such as personality disorders, is due to the influence of genes, says PhD candidate and first author Line C. Gjerde, according to the department's website.



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